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[Online] Sunrise Flow & Meditation: The Eight Limbs of Yoga SERIES OF CLASSES
May 7, 2024 June 25, 2024

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75 minutes


Join our "Sunrise Flow & Meditation" Online Series, an 8-week journey with Meiyan Cheong to transform your mornings into a sanctuary of peace and power, guided by the timeless wisdom of yoga's eight limbs. The sessions are held on Tuesdays, 7 am to 8.15 am, from 7 May to 25 Jun.

In the Sunrise Flow & Meditation Online Series, we will explore a different focus over eight weeks, themed around the eight limbs of yoga. The 75-minute practice will consist of a short philosophy sharing, a vinyasa practice, and meditation. This series has been designed to invigorate the body and calm the mind, with the intention of exploring how yoga continues to guide us off our mats.

You are welcome to join Meiyan live online every Tuesday at 7 am from the comfort of your home or practice with the recording that will be sent to you each week after the live session has concluded.

Class Schedule & Outline
Every Tue, 7 am to 8.15 am
7 May to 25 Jun 2024

7 May - Yamas
The first limb of Yoga is Yamas, or social observances. We explore the five yamas - Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (truthfulness), Asteya (non-stealing), Brahmacharya (moderation of the senses), Aparigraha (non-attachment) throughout practice and allow it to guide our meditation.

14 May - Niyamas
The second limb of Yoga is Niyamas, or self-observances. We explore the five niyamas – Saucha (cleanliness), Santosha (contentment), Tapas (self-discipline), Svadhyaya (self-reflection), and Ishvarapranidhana (surrender to a higher power) throughout practice and allow it to guide our meditation.

21 May - Asana
The third limb of Yoga, Asana, may appear to be one that we are most familiar with. After all, it refers to the physical practice of yoga. In our practice, we explore stability, stillness, and integrity as we move mindfully through each posture, rhythmically with our breath.

28 May - Pranayama
The fourth limb of Yoga, Pranayama, consists of the Sanskrit words Prana (life force) and Ayama (to lengthen or constrain). We will explore various breathing techniques during vinyasa and meditation in this practice.

4 June - Pratyahara
The fifth limb of Yoga, Pratyahara, refers to a withdrawal of the senses. In this practice, we will explore practising with the eyes closed, and Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) will be introduced before we close with meditation.

11 June - Dharana
The sixth limb of Yoga, Dharana, is concentration meditation. We will use visualisations, mantras and the breath as a point of focus and tool to guide our practice. As we approach the last three sessions in this series, you will have the option to extend your meditation practice.

18 June - Dhyana
The seventh limb of Yoga, Dhyana, is sometimes referred to as effortless meditation. We may continue to use tools to guide us into the beginning of our meditation practice, but eventually, we aim to let go of these tools to arrive at a state of meditation with ease.

25 June - Samadhi
The final practice in the 8-week series aligns with the eighth limb of Yoga - Samadhi. Samadhi can refer to bliss, surrender, or a contemplation of the divine undisturbed by anger, desire, and ego. We will seek to embody this philosophy and emerge from our 8-week practice with both clarity and grounding.

Event Details
As this is an online class, the Zoom meeting link, ID, and password will be emailed to practitioners before the event. After each live session concludes, a 7-day valid recording will also be emailed.

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